Bay Area SEO companiesSEO stands for “search engine optimization.” Search engine optimization is when your website is “optimized” for Google and other search engines. This ensures users can easily find you online and you move closer to a higher ranking in search results.

With effective SEO, Kaira has been able to move clients to the top five in the Google search results page, including #1 (see Client Work and note that even the 5th place is incredibly difficult to place when competition is extremely high). Our clients still remain at the top, and their websites often drive many hundreds times more traffic than before hiring us.

Why hire an expert?

There’s a lot more to effective SEO than just keywords and guessing what a user might type in during their search. Knowing what it takes to drive traffic to a website takes training, knowledge, research, experience, and using the right tools like AdWords. It’s not as simple as just adding keywords to your homepage or writing a blog.

If you want the best cup of coffee, you hire a barista. If you want the best SEO, you hire an SEO expert. As an SEO company, we provide knowledgable and top-notch marketing, including SEO Services. Contact us for more info on how we can help!