I checked out Adobe’s Facebook product Fan Page for Photoshop CS recently and I really like how they’re beginning to utilize the power of this social media site’s tools. I think it’s an excellent example of a Fortune 500’s consumer (B2C) social media strategy in the works.

I say “in the works” because I suspect this Facebook page is an Adobe social media study – a foot in to test the social media waters on a site that they’re previously only dedicated to the Education / Students market. They don’t have any other product-specific Facebook Fan pages up yet and their Adobe Fan page for Students is really lacking in interaction with their audience.

However, Adobe is off to a great start with the Photoshop CS page. They’re not only promoting their products, they’re supporting them with tips & tricks and inspirational design ideas. They’re promoting Photoshop’s extensive tool set and while doing so, supporting users to be more proficient and comfortable with their product.

Participation is enhanced through forum discussions and fan feedback. Additionally, Adobe has sections specifically for fans to post their own Photoshop images and related videos, creating a sense of fan ownership and dedication.

One of the best things about Adobe’s strategy here is that they are responding to feedback from users, for example, explaining and apologizing for some website issues from an external link. I’d like to see more of that, even when users aren’t complaining.

Where else could Adobe step up? A couple of ways. The Events section seems outdated since the last post was in July. They might work with third-parties who host product related events. Their Video section is also extremely lacking, with only five Adobe-sponsored items compared to 39 user posts. Adobe could be taking advantage of their large selection of in-house and 3rd party tutorial videos here, especially transferring those  they post on their Wall. That seems like an obvious direction completely missed.

But for the minor “lackings,” I salute Adobe. It’s a win-win for both consumer and vendor and I think a good model for other consumer companies. Keep up the good work Adobe. We’d like to see more!