About job prospecting, I’m sure you’ve heard people repeatedly say, “Don’t look too eager when interviewing for a job! Play hard to get.” I outright disagree and argue circumstances for when “playing hard to get” is not an advantage.

There’s nothing wrong with being openly enthusiastic about a company or position. Many companies recognize and want employees who are excited about working there. There’s a big difference between being “eager” and being “desperate.” I don’t recommend the latter because seeming desperate can look unfavorable to anyone. But eagerness by a prospective can demonstrate future high productivity, happiness on the job, and an easier time adjusting to the new culture and position.

In fact, when I’ve interviewed candidates, I’ve been more put off by those who seemed aloof, overly inflexible, or uninterested. So, “playing hard to get” in many instances may hurt your chances rather than help.

The most important tip I would give is to just be yourself. If you are excited about working for a company or having a certain position, express that. Show them that you are flexible about scheduling calls and interviews and they’ll see someone who has potential for flexibility and teamwork on the job. Demonstrate your enthusiasm. They’ll see that you have potential for being a happy and productive employee.

And even if you’re not interviewing for your dream job, stay positive. Just having a positive outlook on life can produce rewarding results! You never know; that job may just turn into the best work you’ve ever had.