Several weeks ago, I was still undecided on whether one should follow everyone that followed them on Twitter (see two previous blogs ago). Well, now, I have a clear answer for you — at least, from me.

I say, Yes! follow your Followers. Follow each one (except maybe those annoying marketers who keep sending you solicitous direct messages — and BTW, you know, I don’t even like it when they send even one of them without asking nicely first).

Following has multiple advantages. First, the social psychology of “Reciprocity” still rules (my old professor would be so proud): you do something nice for me, chances are, I’ll do something nice for you. Same for following — and it works in reverse too; If you are not following someone, there’s the possibility that they will be offended, disappointed, ticked off, whatever, and un-follow you. And you like to be followed.

Next, if each of you are following each other on Twitter, then you can send each other Direct Messages. This can come in handy. You may not realize how this might come in handy right now, but it will. Trust me. You’ll see….

So, scratch my previous ambiguity on Following. Follow, follow, follow…the yellow brick road (paved in gold?).