I learned recently that the “scientific” threshold to relationships is 150. What this means is that a person is apparently only capable of having a true connection with 150 people; after that, they can’t maintain the relationships.

What does this mean for Twitter? Well, I’m at a few shy of 500 Followers and I am following 0ver 200. I passed my threshold a couple of weeks ago and I’m clearly realizing its effects (see my article and thoughts previously, below on the Twitter Threshold).

On the positive side, my daily Followers has decreased. Maybe this isn’t an advantage if my goal is as many Followers as possible. But where I can appreciate is in the fewer people I need to thank and the less profiles I need to review. Again, if my goal is just to increase my audience and not my connection with people, this probably wouldn’t be important to me. But it is. I appreciate the relationships I foster and the connections I have with my Twitter friends. I am not there for a one-way relationship. I want to read what others have to tweet, respond to their tweets, re-tweet their great 140 or less characters, even banter a little.

So, you start to see the dilemma. How can I maintain this by following over 150 tweeters? Unfortunately, the answer is I can’t — at least, not with all of them. In fact, with over 150 people that I’m following (or whatever the real number is, though I suspect it might be even less) I can’t even see all their tweets on the small length of the page Twitter gives me (about 25). So — and I’m not a mathematician but — with 25 tweets per page and 200 tweeters, how many tweets can I see if even a quarter of them are tweeting at the same time? About half?

And, as those I’m following and new users only gets larger, this dilemma grows. Do I lessen my list of people I’m following? If so, am I seen as too picky, non-congenial, or even rude? What’s the Twitter etiquette in this case? Many Twitter users follow everyone who follows them. But clearly, we see that this does not create true relationships; it only lessons them.

I will be interested in how the Twitter platform develops and our ability to maintain — or decrease — our virtual relationships (all be them 140 characters per seconds) develops.

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