New website finished for Ed Cesena

Kaira has just finished the new website for award-winning California artist Ed Cesena. The new site,, reflects Ed’s boldness for color and presents many of his original paintings.

Ed has just won another Best in Show for his paintings at the Stanislaus County Fair going on right now in Turlock, CA. Congrats Ed!

Ed is truly on his way to becomming recognized as one of the greatest California has to offer….

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Where has good service gone?

First, then

I have received the worse support in my life!

The Dilemma is clearly a low-priced leader in domain hosting. But now, it seems they are meeting their worth in “You get what you pay for.”

When I signed up with them a few years ago, their UI (user-interface) was pretty bad, but their customer service seemed more personal than I had been receiving. Perhaps, it was the “new customer” syndrom? Or perhaps, it was just because they were still reasonably small and could handle the load.

Whatever their reason, they sure can’t seem to handle the load now — and I must remark that their UI is once again cluttered and confusing (you need Support just to figure out how to get around their site).

Several times I experienced the case where I’d send a request to Support and I’d get an answer about how to retrieve my password — when my question had NOTHING to do with my password! is either trying to get by their overload by using automated systems or outsourcing to countries who’s first language “ain’t English.”

Due to their lousy service (or was it a conspiracy?) it took them two weeks to help me successfully transfer my domain to another hosting company — that was, until I kindly notified them that I would expect an additional week in refund for their delay.

Yep, is clearly losing its fatherly touch.

And while I’m at it, “”? Isn’t that a name for a whorehouse in Texas?

Domainsbyproxy.comConspiracy theory?

If wasn’t bad enough, then I had to run up against (Domains by Proxy). By the questionable bad (or withheld) Support and the advantageous relationship between them, you’d think they were owned by the same company.

For example, when I tried to transfer my domain, told me I couldn’t do this until my “Privacy” service was cancelled. Hey, who cares whether I’ve already pre-paid for a year? Well, I do. Despite the low cost, it’s the principal…! But turns out, if you cancel, you don’t get a refund for the time not used. If that’s not an obvious rip-off, I don’t know what else is.

I had a very interesting conversation with one of their Reps, a “Daniel” who refused to give out a last name, department, or location (apparently Daniel “doesn’t have” a location, department or last name – read between the lines?). Mr. “Daniel,” when he wasn’t interrupting me, kindly kept informing me of how Customers “receive a refund” no matter what. That’s their policy, Folks, persona non grata!

Oh, and did I mention that I NEVER heard back from them for assistance getting into my account or turning off my Privacy service?

What I found REALLY interesting, was when I pointed out how, it “wasn’t like” Domains by Proxy were “related” in any way to Else, it might “seem” like they were purposely making it difficult to allow me to transfer my domains from

LOL! Two Reps, including our own “Daniel,” didn’t say a word. SILENCE. All hushed. Hmmm. Wonder why? Well, you’re probably smarter than me. I just couldn’t imagine the OBVIOUS CONSPIRACY, MONOPOLY over domain owners’ Rights. No wonder they never said a word!

Well,, the company that sounds like a whorehouse (hmmm), despite seeming TOTALLY UNETHICAL, isn’t this tinge on a bit ILLEGAL? I’m no attorney, but doesn’t this smell a bit of anti-trust acts here??

Well, you can imagine how not only disappointed but disgusted I am now by and their related (Domains by Proxy).

I assure you, you will here more on this….
Hosting by Sign up at your own Risk!!

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