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Hello, I’m Kaira…and I’m a LinkedIn junkie.

Yes, I admit it! Okay, I’m no as bad as those who are in the 500+, who put their email in LinkedIn their profile for everyone to see. No, I’m a bit more selective. However, I am a BIG fan of linkedin. I think it’s so cool that I’m related to everyone in my industry 3 people away (yes, it’s better than six degrees…!). An amazing test to see how close we all really are.

What I am really into now is the LinkedIn toolbar for Outlook. When someone sends me an email, I can quickly view whether they’re already on LinkedIn and how many connections they have. Then, I just click on the special link for “Invite” and with another click on Send, an evite is sent their way. I love it. It couldn’t be more simple! (Okay, it could a little, if I wanted to bypass the evite step with a saved template.)

Want to hook up? Send me an invite!

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What’s all the buzz about?

I am currently working on developing a competitive analysis for a client on buzz analytic tools, such as Buzzmetrics, Buzzlogic, and Radian6.

Buzz metrics are very cool. The applications have focused on analyzing trends, brands, conversations, and top influencers, particularly within social media (bloggers, forums). It’s easy to see the need for tools that focus on analyzing and interpreting conversations among the millions of blogs now created (apparently a new blog–not post–is created every 1.5 minutes!). In fact, it seems that I now mostly get blog articles popping up on Google when I do a topic search.

The current applications and selling points for these tools have been directed to Ad, Marketing, and PR agencies (i.e., where the money is), but I see so many more exciting and personal uses. In fact, I’d like to play for a while…! For example, how about plugging in particular, hot topics surrounding the presidential campaign? Or comparing those three brands of toothpaste over which you’re indecisive? It sure would take a lot of time out of research.

I can’t wait until research tools like this come to the consumer market, when someone like Google offers these tools for free. Unless one of you buzz metrics companies will allow me to have a long-term test drive?

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New design comps for Cesena paintings

Kaira has just finished designing the first set of design comps for Ed Cesena’s new website.

The goal was to create a look that represented the excitement of color and movement in Ed’s paintings. We felt a black background was belt to highlight them, as well as because many of Ed’s canvases are also done in black.

For more samples of work, see

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