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Know your audience

One of the challenges I’ve seen for many businesses, especially with small companies or new entrepreneurs, is understanding their market or audience. Many entrepreneurs get so excited and focused on the delivery of their product or services, that they completely ignore a crucial, initial stage of the process — Market Research and Analysis. Often, they don’t even realize what it is — or that they should even be doing it.

Market research and analysis involves analyzing the market — or markets if you are considering across different audiences, such as exporting overseas to different cultures — that will specifically be buying the product or services you will offer. A marketing specialist can help define your audience or refine your current understanding of your market. You may think you know who your market is, but you just may be surprised (and your market might be the one to surprise you).

Your marketing consultant can also:

  • Create and present a competitive analysis (e.g., what are they offering that you aren’t?)
  • Help you set price by analyzing the current market price trends
  • Provide suggestions to deliver the right messages to your audience
  • Review your current marketing strategies and provide consultation

What is my Market, who is my Audience?

As mentioned, your market consists of the people (or audiences) who will be buying your products or services. Within one market, you can have different audiences. For example, say you are selling dolls. Your market would include both children and adults, and they each would be different audiences, whom you would want to market to differently. In fact, your line of collector’s dolls would have an additional and completely different audience such as those adults who can afford more expensive dolls and look for unique doll traits, such as limited editions.

Failing to do your research can cost you

And it probably will.

Marketing research can be one of the most important steps in the planning process and should be undertaken before the creation of product/service materials begin. In fact, if you are creating a new product or type of services, it should especially be done before development of requirements or a product plan.

Let’s say you’ve come up with a great new line of diet soda. You think this new soda will sell well to young women who you believe are concerned about their weight and are the majority of soda drinkers. You are so sure of this that you plan a marketing campaign, including branding, packaging and launch plan, around this market of diet-conscious women. Your branding (e.g., look of the logo, fell of ads) appeals to a younger, female crowd, concerned about their looks, as well as fashion, makeup, and trends. Your ads reflect this. They are trendy and stylish, depict skinny young gals in few clothes, dancing to hip-hop.

Sound great? Well, now, suppose you were wrong.

Never underestimate your Market

I’m not necessarily implying that young gals aren’t a good market for your soda. But what if your market was larger than that and you missed the boat on a larger share of the great market? What if you had done your research and discovered before you spent all that money on packaging and advertising that men as well as older women were interested in your soda? You would have marketing it quite a bit differently wouldn’t have you?

Repackaging and re-branding a product is not only an expensive option, it’s an incredibly difficult (and often nearly impossible) task. You must try to convince your audience that what you previously told them about their product was wrong or not exactly what you implied the first time. And after you just got them comfortable with your brand and what it stands for, you’re now wanting to change that. This gets confusing to consumers who like their advertisers to be pretty obvious about what they’re getting.

Sure, there a ways you can try to relay to people that product X is not only good for girls but also great for boys, men, and women trying to lose weight, but it’s a monumental task. Not to mention extremely expensive. In short, this is not the ideal path to success, and therefore, you’ll want to do your research upfront and thoroughly.

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Ed Cesena, Best of Show — Congrats Ed!

Ed Cesena, a very talented artist, whom I am now representing as PR & Marketing Agent, won BEST OF SHOW in the Turlock Arts Commission 36th Annual Spring Juried Art Show.

Born and raised in San Francisco (“on the streets”, as he jokes), Ed is known for his lively representations of the City Jazz scene when all the
famous Jazz stars used to play in town — and he was there! Ed actually “hung out” with these famous folks and paints them by memory!

In his colorful paintings, you will view artists such as Ella, Miles, Pete…and more! One must admit that Ed Cesena’s memory is amazing for he shows off their talents — and his — very well!

As part of marketing Ed, Kaira will be creating Ed’s website and providing guidance on flyers, resume, and other collateral.

For more information about Ed or, please contact Kaira at

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